Sunday 19 December 2021

Project 209: Weapons

Solomon picked this project as it was the week of his birthday. 

They learnt about how weapons had changed over time with a very detailed The Military History Book and some YouTube videos:

They built a working trebuchet using instructions from Historic Environment Scotland:

They learnt about the Gunpowder Plot with some Twinkl worksheets, and created their own firework scratch paper:

We finished the week with the children's first trip to laser tag, which they all enjoyed!

Next project: Drawing

Project 208: Hibernation

 As we wanted a project with a bit of an autumnal theme we decided to learn about hibernation.

Along with the usual Twinkl worksheets, they did a hibernation picture:

Built a bird box at a Ferry Meadows workshop:

And visited Lattersey Nature Reserve, which we hadn't visited before:

Next Project: Weapons

Project 207: The Human Body

As we were all locked down for a second project with Covid-19, we decided to study the human body. With the help of a few books, Operation Ouch!, and a lot of Twinkl sheets we explored the main organs of the body, muscles and skeleton, and some of the systems of the body. 

Along with other worksheets, they built a heart model

They made blood slime:

And Solomon even made a Lego model with internal body parts: 

Next Project: Hibernation