Sunday, 28 November 2021

Project 206: Plundering Paradise

Unfortunately we returned from the North East with Covid-19, so we were necessarily confined to the house for the next project and just decided to read through Plundering Paradise by Geraldine McCaughrean (an author we have previously used for Project 115: Christmas and The Pilgrim's Progress, Project 125: World Book Day and 1,001 Nights, Project 157: Knights and Fantasy). 

It's a story about pirates, morality, and the island of Madagascar. As well as reading the book they did various Twinkl worksheets on Madagascar and its wildlife, and recovered from Covid with the three Madagascar films: 

Next project: The Human Body

Project 205: Lighthouses

 As a trip to the North East was planned, we decided to learn about lighthouses with a visit to two: Roker Lighthouse, and Souter Lighthouse. While Roker Lighthouse can only be viewed from the outside, there was a guided tour around Souter Lighthouse which incorporates a museum. 

The children also did some differentiated reading about lighthouses, and made a lighthouse model.

Next project: Plundering Paradise

Project 204: Spain

 As Lidl were having an Iberian Peninsula event, we decided to do a project on Spain, overlapping with some of the previous projects (e.g., Project 94: Sir Francis Drake and Project 149: Don Quixote).

As well as trying some Spanish food (unsurprisingly churros were more popular than gazpacho!) and learning about Spain, they learned about the Spanish Armada, Christopher Columbus, and Salvador Dali using lots of  worksheets and resources from Twinkl. 

We also watched three films with a Spanish theme: Ferdinand, The Road to El Dorado, and the less well-known Spanish animation Donkey Xote: 

Next Project: Lighthouses

Sunday, 26 September 2021

Programming 203: Programming with Game Builder Garage

We're always trying to find innovative ways of introducing programming concepts to the kids (see Project 190: Turing Tumble and Programming), and this week's project made use of Nintendo's Game Builder  Garage, a way to create your own games on the Switch. 

It's a 'blocks' programming language and as the eldest two (aged 7 and 8) are already programming in Python it might be considered a bit of a backwards step, but it nonetheless gave them the opportunity to solidify programming concepts and get a bit more creative. The main thing is, they all really enjoyed it. 

Next project: Spain

Project 202: Rivers

Following on from the success of the previous week's fishing project we decided to continue with the riparian theme and have a project on rivers. 

We went through a very comprehensive introduction to rivers book from the library, and did a Rivers reading comprehension from Twinkl. The book also included a number of activities to try, and we attempted to build a dam, although it turned out to be trickier than we imagined!

We also had our first family fishing trip, although unlike the previous week, it poured with rain and we didn't manage to catch anything!
Nonetheless the licence and local club membership last for a year, so we'll be trying again!

Next Project: Programming with Game Builder Garage

Project 201: Fishing!

This week's project was selected because we had signed up for a fishing session from the Canal and Rivers Trust

We started the week with a closer look at fish, reading, watching videos, and doing some Twinkl worksheets about parts of the fish.:

The first of two fishing trips this week was to a local stream where we could catch some minnows with nets:

The big event of the week, however was the children's first rod fishing experience, at one of the Hampton lakes:

The children all loved the experience. They all caught lots of fish, although Monica caught the most with 33 in 50 minutes! They held fish and maggots, and all expressed the desire to do it again. 

Next project: Rivers. 

Project 200: Cats!

 As it was another week with lots of meet-ups we needed to have another focused project, so we picked the film Cats! as there were appropriate resources at Into Film

As well as watching the film, we read the book and explored some of the more difficult words:

Finally the children made some wanted posters for Macavity.

Next Project: Fishing!