Sunday 15 October 2017

Project 6: Nutrition

We started the week by learning about the six main food group, using the NHS Eatwell Guide categorisation: protein; dairy; fruit and vegetables; carbohydrates; oils and spreads; and high fats, salt and sugar foods.We then organised all the toy foods in the house into those categories.

Playfoods categorised
We also watched some videos about a balanced diet from the Tesco Eat Happy Project, to learn why we need the different food groups (the videos are refreshingly non-commercial):
Then we learnt about portion sizes, the traffic light food labelling system, the importance of five fruit and veg a day, and utilised a cut-and-stick food pyramid activity.
Food Pyramid
Finally Solomon searched through some recipe books and picked a healthy balanced meal which he then helped to cook. He chose to make a pizza and a fruit layered yoghurt bombe, although his mum may have defrosted the bombe for a bit too long!
Making a pizza
Overly defrosted fruit-layered yoghurt bombe
Next weeks' project: Sunderland and the North East

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