Sunday 21 January 2018

Project 19: Science and chemistry

This week's project was split between general science experiments, and a closer look at the elements in particular. The science part resolved around the Horrible Science - Explosive Experiments set, whilst the outcome of the elements section was a poster of Solomon's favourite elements.

Horrible Science - Explosive Experiments

The Horrible Science - Explosive Experiments set contained most of the materials you need for seven experiments, including a volcano, rocket, lava lamp, and super snot. It's a nice sized set, with some fun experiments for children. Most of the experiments you could do without the set, but it's worth the money to save you having to choose experiments, explain the science, and gather materials together - although you will still need to supply a few household items (e.g., vinegar, cornflour and a bicycle pump).

The most impressive of the experiments was undoubtedly the rocket, and the super snot was the damp squib as it never set properly into a goo.

We watched a number of videos on matter and the elements (incl: "What's matter", "What's all the matter? atoms and molecules""Just how small is an atom?"), played Top Trump Elements, and looked through A Beginner's Guide to the Periodic Table and The Photographic Card Deck of the Elements. After which Solomon had to pick some of his favourite elements for a poster.

Solomon's Elements Poster

Next week's project: Local wildlife and birds.

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