Monday 12 March 2018

Project 25: Teeth!

As Solomon just got his first wobbly tooth, we decided to do a project all about teeth.

There are plenty of online resources about teeth, explaining the different types of teeth and how they differ between animals. We found the Children's University of Manchester section on Teeth and Eating and the BBC Teach videos particularly useful, although the Weird Animal Teeth video was probably most interesting:
We tried disclosure tablets, made a teeth cleaning game with laminated mouths, and soaked an egg in vinegar to demonstrate the damage acid does to your teeth.

We laminated three pictures of teeth, drew little germs and bacteria on them, and then the three children had to brush them clean as quickly as possible with very cheap toothbrushes from the supermarket.
A laminated mouth

For the egg experiment, one egg was left in a pint of vinegar over night, and another in a pint of water for comparison purposes.
Eggs in vinegar and water
As can be seen below, the egg in the vinegar turns rubbery, although the rubbery 'shell' bursts when dropped from a height.

Next week's project: Trains!

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