Monday 28 May 2018

Project 36: Poetry

As this week included a trip to the North East for a wedding, we decided to have a primarily paper-based project so we could take resources with us. We chose Poetry.

The start of the week included the usual TED-Ed videos and BBC Guides, looking at things like rhyming, alliteration, metaphors, what makes a poem a poem, and the poetic form:
Following on from the introduction to alliteration, we looked at a variety of tongue twisters, and followed a simple guide on how to write your own tongue twister. After which Solomon wrote his own tongue twiser:
Hungry Harry had a hot and hairy house, in the house Harry had a ho ho hula hoop.
The Poetry Society have an extensive collection of education resources. We worked through the guide to The Jumblies, watched an animated reading of the poem, and drew our own interpretation of the Jumblies:
Solomon's Jumblie

We also explored the Missing: Daisy poem in the Poetry Train booklet, with Solomon writing his own version about a missing parrot:

Anyone seen my parrot?
Small and red,
Blue and yellow,
Squawk the smelly parrot. 

She loves her babies,
She likes her cage,
She hates her poos.

Anyone seen my parrot?...

I miss her talks,
I miss her squawks,
I miss her lovely feathers.

Anyone seen my parrot?...

Next week's project: Metals

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