Sunday 17 March 2019

Project 76: More Maps!

Every now and then we have a project that goes wrong from start to finish - it last happened with Project 51: Pond Life, so we were due for another project going wrong.

We'd had a project on maps back at the start of our home education journey (Project 2: All about maps), so it seemed an appropriate time to revisit the topic as there was a maps and orienteering home education workshop at Ferry Meadows. Unfortunately the workshop was cancelled, and as much of the week was to be spent on holiday in the North East, there wasn't much opportunity to come up with other activities. Even the geocache walk we planned had to be cancelled as it started to hail heavily when we were due to go out and there was no time left to reschedule!

Therefore most of the map based activities we did this week were of the worksheet variety from Twinkl, doing a build a busy town cut and paste activity, treasure map design activity,  and a compass directions worksheet.

Build a busy town
We also watched some videos about maps and contour lines, and explored some Ordnance Survey maps of the local area. Finally we insisted on playing a map based board game for our screen-free Sunday.
Scotland Yard Junior
All in all maps turned out to be a bit of a damp squib of a project this time, so we will have to attempt it again in the future.

Next week: Shakespeare!

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