Monday 27 May 2019

Project 86: What is Maths?

Solomon and Monica do a lot of maths, diligently working their way through workbook after workbook However there's more to maths than arithmetic, and we felt it was time they had a better understanding of the wide variety of interesting things that maths includes.

We started by showing the wide domain that is maths, including Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land and the drier (but equally interesting) Map of Mathematics.

More practical mathematical activities were based around ideas from MathXplosion, a child-friendly maths series they watched on Amazon Prime, and Maths on Toast, a UK maths education charity.

Along with other more ephemeral activities, they created hexaflexagons:
Explored the power of triangles in building sturdy structures to hold a bag of sugar:
Midget gem and cocktail stick structures (with Dad's winning structure!)
And created their own tessellations:
Tessellations with a cereal box template
Next weeks project: Cooking!

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