Sunday 3 November 2019

Project 108: Great Fire of London

This project was chosen because we had both a children's book on the Great Fire of London and an opportunity to visit The Monument.

As well as reading non-fiction books on the Great Fire we also read Fire! Fire! by Stuart Hill, a short historical fiction story about Samuel Pepys servant boy during the fire.

This Week's Reading
We also watched a classic time-travelling episode of Magic Grandad where they travel back to 1666.

Of course the advantage of home education is that you are not restricted to books and videos, but can go out and about. We climbed to the top of the Monument (all 311 steps), built to both commemorate the event and act as a science lab, and were pleased that even the 3 year old managed the climb without making a fuss (which is more than can be said for some of the other puffing and wheezing tourists!).
The Monument
We also visited the Museum of London which has an exhibition on the Great Fire (although the diorama accompanying the video didn't seem to be working properly on this visit).
Museum of London
Finally we got them to create their great fire pictures with black paper and coloured tissue paper.
Solomon (top) and Monica's Great Fire scenes
Next week's project: World War 1.

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