Monday 6 January 2020

Project 116: Winter and Snowy Habitats

As we are still in the heart of winter, we decided to have a closer look at winter and some snowy habitats, especially as there was a programme on Snow Animals.

We mad use of a lot of Twinkl resources this week, with PowerPoints on How Animals Keep Warm in Winter, Winter Arctic Animals, and The Antarctic,  and a differentiated reading on Igloos.

We explored the picture The Sea of Ice by Caspar David Friedrich with the help of the Old Master Rock: How to look at Art with children:
Exploring Old Master's Rock
And watched White Fang on Netflix, which the children have previously been resistant to, but loved in the end:

Finally the children created their own snowy splatter pictures:

Monica (left) and Solomon's (right) splatter pictures
Next project: Five Children and It.

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