Monday 1 June 2020

Project 137: Lewis Carroll's Alice Books

The Alice books have been on our list of potential projects for a while as there are so many different avenues for exploration. 

To get an overview of the two stories we read the Usborne versions as a family, before Solomon and Monica did a Poetry Society worksheet on imaginary words and an Alice differentiated reading worksheet from Twinkl.
This week's Alice books
The children were expected to read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass themselves, before being subjected to two presentations we put together after reading The Annotated Alice. One on text and context, and one on the maths of the Alice books. 

The children have played chess (the backdrop to Through the Looking Glass) before, but have little experience of cards (which appear in ...Wonderland), so we introduced them to a couple of simple card games: Old Maid, and Beggar-my-neighbour. We also got them to make their own card characters:
Monica (left) and Sol's card characters
One of the most memorable scenes from the Alice books is the Hatter's Tea Party, so the children helped make our own afternoon tea:
Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Finally we watched the old Disney animated version of the story. 

Next week's project: Ponies and Unicorns

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