Sunday 22 November 2020

Project 158: More Cooking!

 We don't do as much cooking with the children as we would like to, in fact the only project specifically on cooking was over a year ago (see Project 87: Cooking), so we decided to have another project on cooking. 

Each of the children were expected to help with a breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as make a dessert. 

Solomon made a pizza, a golden syrup cake, added some scotch pancakes to the lunch, and pineapple with breakfast. 

Monica made a korma curry, added some pancakes to the breakfast and cheese straws to the lunch, and made some homemade ice-cream. 

Sam wanted to help make a lentil curry, added some melon to the breakfast and chipolata wraps to the lunch, and made some gingerbread men. 

The children all enjoyed the project, and we're working on cooking becoming more a part of their regular routine. 

Next project: Photography

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