Wednesday 18 August 2021

Project 196: The Moon

This project was inspired by a moon installation and current activities at Peterborough Cathedral: One Small Step

We started the week by reading about the moon, and the solar system more broadly, and learning about the phases of the moon with a Twinkl worksheet. 

There were a number of activities at the cathedral to coincide with a large art installation of the moon that people could walk on. At the One Giant Leap event the children were told about the moon landing and had to design a mission badge. There were activities on communication, and how difficult it is to do things in space, and it finished with a teddy bear parachute jump back to earth.  There was also a Safe in Space show run by the Cambridge Science Centre that explored how rockets get off the ground and into space and what materials space suits and rockets are made of to keep people safe.

Next project: The Bible

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