Wednesday 13 July 2022

Project 226: Signs and Evidence

This project was initiated by a home education workshop at the local country park on signs and evidence, and extended to include the role of archaeological evidence with a couple of museum trips, and the evidence underpinning Christianity using the book Cold Case Christianity for Kids

Ferry Meadows had a workshop on animal signs and evidence, where the children looked at specimens, took a plaster of paris imprint, and went hunting for signs of animal tracks. 

At Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens there was a section on archaeology and how it is used to discover evidence about the past.  

Similarly, there was more about the role of evidence in archaeological investigations at the Jarrow Hall Museum. 
We combined it all with another form of evidence, reading the book Cold Case Christianity for Kids, and looking at some of the evidence for Christianity from the perspective of a homicide detective, with worksheets for each chapter. 

Next Project: Holes (the book)

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