Monday 30 January 2023

Project 248: The Phoenix and the Carpet

This project ran from Monday 29th August to Sunday 4th September. We chose a book project as we had visitors staying, and when it's a busy week it's always best to have a clearly defined piece of work to get through. 

The Phoenix and the Carpet is a sequel to E. Nesbit's Five Children and It which the children had read and enjoyed a couple of years earlier (see Project 117: Five Children and It). 

The children go on many adventures on a magic carpet with a wish granting phoenix, in which the wishes invariably go wrong. So the children had to write their own wish-that-goes-wrong stories. Sam wished he was at the beach, where he was attacked by a flock of angry birds. Monica wishes for them to be living on the border of Belgium and the Netherlands, but they get into difficulties for not knowing the language. Solomon included a couple of wishes, including going to a boardgame cafe which was robbed and the beach where someone tried to wander off with the magic carpet. 

Finally they had to produce their own pictures of the phoenix (from top to bottom: Sam's, Sol's, and Monica's).

Next Project: Decorating.

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