Sunday 17 September 2017

Project 2: All about Maps

We started the week by exploring some of the hundreds of maps in our house. There were framed maps on walls, maps in storybooks, atlases, street maps, online maps, and board games based on maps. Solomon's favourite map was a framed picture one of Bloomsbury.
Board games based on maps

We went to the library to look at some old maps in the local history and archives section, and bought two Ordnance Survey maps of the Peterborough area.

We made a compass with a needle and magnet, and used the c:geo mobile app to go geocaching. We found a cache under a rock and swapped some crayons for a dinosaur pencil top.
Geocaching find

Finally Solomon created his own map, with elements of both fantasy and reality.
Solomon's map

Next week's project: Medieval Castles.

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