Sunday 1 October 2017

Project 4: Flags

This week we learnt all about flags, and then Solomon designed his own flag for the family.

We started by watching some videos about flags, including a good overall introduction from the Well...Actually channel on YouTube:
We also talked about how countries can change their flags, and what the British flag might look like if Scotland had left the UK.

Following the advice of a TED talk on the design of flags*, Solomon made his own flags on 1 by 1.5 inch pieces of paper. The theory is, if it looks good on a piece of paper that size, it looks good on a flag pole in the distance. The designs also took into account flag advice from the UK's Flag Institute.
Solomon's Flag Thumbnails

Finally, Solomon painted the family flag. We cut up and hemmed a pillow case, as we couldn't find any suitable plain white tea-towels, and bought some Dylon fabric paints. The paints are quite expensive, and not necessarily the best choice for small children as you have to put a lot on your brush. If you have young children you may just want to paint your flags on paper with poster paints.

Solomon's Flag
Solomon's younger sister also made a flag.
Monica's Flag (aged 3)
We had also planned to have a flag hunt - trying to find as many flags as possible around town - but time got away from us this week.

Next week's project: The English Civil War.

* a bit long for young children and some very mild swearing.

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