Sunday 19 August 2018

Project 47: Astronauts and space flight

The Soyuz capsule that took Tim Peake into space is currently sitting in Peterborough Cathedral, so it would have been a bit churlish not to visit and make spaceflight the subject of this week's project. We previously did Project 8: Space and the Planets, but this week we looked a bit more closely  at spaceflight.

We watched What's Up In Space: The solar system for kids on Amazon Prime, and dipped into FindOut! Solar System to read about the history of the space race, manned spaceflight, and the International Space Station. We also watched the TED-Ed videos on Who Won the Space Race? and the Collaboration behind the International Space Station

We also looked at an overview of Tim Peake's mission, the rocket launch, and capsule landing, before finally seeing his capsule and spacesuit at the cathedral.

Soyuz Capsule
Tim Peake's Spacesuit
It was actually the second time we've seen the Soyuz capsule as it was at the National Railway Museum when we had a few days away in York in January, but despite our best efforts Solomon refuses to be inspired by the exploits of Tim Peake or SpaceCamp (which we also watched again).

Next week: Puzzles!

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