Sunday 17 February 2019

Project 72: The Climate

This week's project was selected to coincide with a home education group on micro-climates at Ferry Meadows, the local country park (the second home ed group we've been to there this year - see Project 68: Birds of the World). We've covered Project 45:The Weather previously, although  this one looked more closely at differences in climate and the impact of climate change.

The Ferry Meadows workshop was designed to show how different micro-climates can exist in a small geographic area. The children had to measure windspeed, light intensity, air temperate, ground temperature, and canopy cover at 20 metre intervals.
Measuring micro-climates at Ferry Meadows

We also explored the differences between our own area and a Scottish island, using resources on the Royal Geographical Society web site.

Finally we explored the issue of climate change, global warming, and the greenhouse effect with videos from BBC Teach:

 Finally, they also made their own climate change posters:
Climate Change Posters
Next week's project: Moana.

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