Monday 4 March 2019

Project 74: Royal Mail

This week's project was selected to coincide with a home education day at the highly rated Postal Museum in London.

It was a fantastic day out. The children loved the interactive play space, enjoyed the underground mail rail train ride, and the KS1 & 2 workshop on engineers was both engaging and age appropriate.
Postal Museum

Monica and Solomon are both insistent that we visit again, and it was probably their favourite non-video game museum. Solomon was even inspired to create his own postal museum in Minecraft!

Solomon's Postal Museum (showing play area and post box exhibit)
We also got the children to write their own letters to their grandparents, address the envelopes, buy stamps from the shop, and post them.
Posting Letters to Grandparents
Finally we got the children to design their own stamps.
Peppa Pig and Minecraft Stamps
Next week's project: Charles Dickens (World Book Day).

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