Sunday 7 April 2019

Project 79: Art and Mondrian

This week's project was inspired by a stop-go animation where a Piet Mondrian 'painting' was created with Lego.
Although we try to ensure there's an art or craft project each week, we would like to do a bit more fine art, and Piet Mondrian seemed an ideal place to start.

The children created their own Mondrian style pieces in Lego:
Solomon (Left) and Monica's (Right) Lego Mondrian
And with crayons:
Solomon (Top) and Monica's (Bottom) Mondrian in Crayon
We visited Tate Modern, to see a couple of original Mondrians, and another work inspired by it:

Finally we finished the week with a Mondrian maths puzzle, which the children really enjoyed exploring on graph paper:

Of course no piece of art exists in isolation, and we studied a host of books and videos exploring the history of art, and what art is, and also visited the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery. By the end of trooping around three London galleries in one day everyone was exhausted!

Solomon and Monica each chose a postcard of a picture which they then had to write about, describing what was in the picture and why they liked it.

And Solomon also wanted them to create a piece in the style of Kazimer Malevich after seeing a painting in a book:
Solomon (Left) and Monica's (Right) Malevich-style pieces
Next week's project: Plants and flowers.

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