Monday 13 May 2019

Project 84: The Emergency Services

We had planned a trip to the National Videogame Museum in Sheffield for this week, and as Sheffield is also home to the National Emergency Services Museum we decided to make that the week's project.

There are plenty of resources for the ambulance and fire services online, with many of the services around the country having outreach programmes. In particularly we made use of the North West Ambulance Service worksheets for how and when to call for an ambulance,  and the Cheshire Fire & Rescue worksheets for making a family emergency escape plan for the house. For the police we focused on their relatively recent history, and both the good and bad points of having a police service:

The National Emergency Services Museum is a nice museum mostly covering the police, fire, and ambulance service, with smaller exhibits on the coastguard and mountain rescue service. The museum has a wide range of exhibits, including a large collection of historical emergency vehicles, a number of reconstructions, and even a climbing wall. There was also an opportunity to go for a ride on a fire engine! The children all enjoyed the museum, and we spent about 2.5 hrs there in total. If I had one criticism of the museum it would be the one-sided view of the police.
Emergency Services Museum
Next project: Revisiting programming.

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