Monday 30 December 2019

Project 115: Christmas and The Pilgrim's Progress

It was our third home education Christmas (see also Project 15: All about Christmas!, Project 65: Christmas and the New Year), in addition to a recent project on Christmas crafts (Project 110: Christmas Crafts), so this year we decided to couple our usual round of Christmas carolling, crafts, and cooking, with another classic Christian story The Pilgrim's Progress. 

Despite everyone managing to fall for various illnesses over the Christmas period, we nonetheless managed to go to a number of carol services, a Christingle, a live nativity, and of course Santa's grotto.
Carols, Christingle, more carols, and two donkeys.

Santa's Grotto
We followed a recipe for some Reindeer and snowman bark:

Reindeer and snowman bark
Created some Christmas cards:
Christmas cards
They designed their own Christmas jumper with a template from Twinkl and completed a colour by calculation Christmas jumper:
Twinkl Worksheets
The Pilgrim's Progress has stood the test of time, and Geraldine McCaughrean's version for children is highly recommended. While we were unimpressed with Blue Peter Book Awards 2019 winner (see Project 112: Refugees), the fact that McCaughrean won the prize for John Bunyan's A Pilgrim's Progress redeems the prize's reputation somewhat. We were less impressed with the quality of the recent animated version, as it is a story that we felt was worthy of something better.

Next week: Winter and Snowy Habitats

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