Monday 24 February 2020

Project 123: The Face

This week's project needed to coincide with a trip to the North-East, and as there was a workshop at the Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens on designing a portrait through collage, we decided that 'the Face' should be the subject of this week's project.

The workshop was inspired by one of the art works in an accompanying exhibition about lifelong creativity. The children had lots of fun rifling through various magazines and putting together their portraits.
Collages at the Museum
They completed a number of Twinkl worksheets: labelling parts of the face, expressing emotions, and drawing self portraits.
Twinkl Worksheets
We watched Wonder to instigate a conversation about what it might feel like to look different:

And finally they were asked to create a Brickheadz self-portrait:
Solomon and Monica Brickheadz
Next week's project: Fruit

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