Tuesday 26 May 2020

Project 136: Leonardo da Vinci

This week's project was picked after we spotted that the animated film Leo da Vinci was available, and we thought that a project on the quintessential Renaissance Man would allow for a wide variety of activities. 

We started the week with some short videos introducing Leonardo, and watched a documentary about some of his inventions. 
We explored Leonardo's paintings, and changes in the Renaissance, in a number of books, before the children did a colour-by-number version of the Mona Lisa, and a portrait of each other in oil paints. 
The week's art books
Some enigmatic portraits
The children also tried their hand at building a self-supporting bridge with lolly sticks, although despite their best efforts, they needed help with da Vinci's solution in the end. 

da Vinci lolly stick bridge
Next Project: Lewis Carroll's Alice books

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