Sunday 6 December 2020

Project 160: Wassily Kadinsky

We decided it was time to look at another artist. We hadn't focused on a single artist since Project 136: Leonardo da Vinci, and while we did Project 88: Painting, the only time we've solely focused on a single artist was Project 79: Art and Mondrian

We started by learning about Kandinsky and his work, looking at a PowerPoint on Twinkl, reading about him in the art books we have, and watching a YouTube video. 

We did a Twinkl cut and stick activity and colouring sheets

We looked at the colour wheel, got the children to mix their own colours, and created Kandinsky-style concentric circles.

Finally the children created their own abstract masterpieces by rolling a dice to pick geometric shapes and lines for inclusion. 

Next Project: Preparing for Christmas.

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