Sunday 3 July 2022

Project 225: Windmills and Bread

We had wanted to do a project on windmills after visiting Lincoln during Solomon's first year of home education (see Project 3: Medieval Castles) and again during Monica's first project (see Project 50: Bread), but Lincoln's windmill remained closed...up until a month after we visited another windmill!!! It was only when we were looking for a  local attraction to visit that we discovered Britain's tallest windmill was actually only 40 minutes down the road. 

The children learned an overview of windmills and bread with some Twinkl powerpoints, and made their own windmills

Moulton Windmill was very welcoming, with a nice tearoom and a little goody-bag for the children after visiting. 

After the visit the children each made some bread of their own: Sam made some muffins, Monica made some plaited bread, and Solomon made some breadsticks. 

Next Project: Signs and Evidence

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