Sunday 26 August 2018

Project 48: Puzzles!

This week we looked at some of the wide variety of puzzles that are available for testing a person's mental agility: from Sudukos  and Crosswords, through to standalone puzzles, to the Rubik's family of puzzles.

A selection of puzzles

Solomon enjoyed most of the puzzles, although the difficulty is finding that 'Goldilocks' puzzle: one that's not too hard, not too easy, but just right. As Solomon commented on the Rubik's puzzles: "the Rubik's Junior is too easy and the others are too hard". Solomon has a lot of patience when it comes to puzzles however, and he has been regularly proposing solutions to a chess puzzle that has been set up throughout the week. Most impressively, he hasn't been tempted to look the solution up in the back of the book, in fact he was disappointed in his father's recourse to the internet for a solution to the Rubik's cube.

Solomon created his own wordsearch and crossword puzzle, incorporating those subjects that he is most interested in, i.e., computers games.
Minecraft Wordsearch & Mario Crossword

We also began to look forward to next week's project, and introduced the concepts of focused and diffused thinking when it comes to solving puzzles.

Next week's project: Learning how to learn - a year of Home Education!

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