Sunday 2 September 2018

Project 49: Learning how to learn

This was the last week of our first year of home education, so we spent the week looking back over the previous projects as well as exploring how we can help Solomon learn better in the future.

Looking Back
This was the 49th of our projects, so there was plenty to look back on; re-watching videos and repeating some of the activities he liked.

Solomon's favourite five projects (in chronological order) were:
The only one he's looked back on and said he didn't like was:
Obviously you can't celebrate a year of home education without a cake, so we baked a cake and had a celebratory tea with blancmange and chocolate nests. Blancmange because it was mentioned in Roald Dahl's Matilda and Solomon wanted to know what it was, and chocolate nests because we had previously made them for Project 29: Easter and Spring (nb. we did have savoury food too, and it is extremely difficult to find chocolate mini-eggs in August!). 

Cake, blancmange and chocolate nests.

Learning How to Learn
We also started working our way through Learning How to Learn, the popular Coursera course repackaged as a book for 'kids and teens'. 
Learning How to Lean
The book is designed for older children, but seeing how the lessons from Project 6: Nutrition have stuck with him, we really hoped he'd take on board the lessons to help him become a more effective learner. Both his parents have previously done the online course, and liked the practical nature of the advice.

Solomon has undoubtedly enjoyed the subject, and likes the idea of becoming a better learner. Focused and diffused thinking are now part of his everyday vocabulary, he starts each chapter with a picture walk, recognises the potential of the Pomodoro technique for overcoming procrastination and the importance of sleep, exercise and a healthy diet for the growing brain. We highly recommend this for any parent, but especially home educators who will have more opportunity to apply the advice.
Solomon's new Pomodoro timer
Next week's project: Bread!

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