Sunday 3 February 2019

Project 70: Fabric crafts

This week's project was designed to coincide with a home education workshop at the local Peterborough museum called Fabric of Society, to coincide with the exhibition of the same name.

Unfortunately the workshop itself had very little to do with the Fabric of Society exhibition (at least for the younger group). In the first part they were read a story called Welcome, with an unsubtle message about climate change and refugees, and the children then had to create a picture associated with the story with the craft materials available. In the second part they were told to look at the Just Be Normal Exhibition, and then make a person with the craft materials available  

Workshop creations
Workshops relating to a specific exhibitions are a great learning opportunity, but of course they should actually relate to the exhibit!

We also bought a number of craft kits to introduce Solomon and Monica to crafts they wouldn't have tried previously. They made pom-poms:
Pom-pom Trolls
They sewed hand puppets:
Pirate Puppets
And they started some cross stitch key rings - although these are still a work in progress:

Cross stitch key rings
We also bought some children's knitting needles to introduce them to the basics of knitting, but unfortunately there just wasn't time as so much time was spent untying knots with the earlier activities! The Baker Ross craft kits were reasonably priced, and a great introduction to the crafts, but they did require a lot of parental help - especially as the instructions weren't always particularly clear.

Monica in particular enjoyed the craft activities, and it seems likely that she will return to some of these activities in the future.

Next week's project: Another 500 Words!
(see also the original 500 words - Project 21: Writing a Short Story).

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