Sunday 24 February 2019

Project 73: Moana

School half-terms are inevitably busier than usual, with lots of additional meet-ups, so we decided on a simple project this week: Moana.
The children hadn't watched the Disney film previously, and we knew there was an extensive educator's guide online. We used the educator's guide as a starting point for a discussion about natural wayfinding and ocean currents.

We watched some additional videos about constellations, and the children picked a constellation to copy:

We watched videos about Polynesian wayfinding and also wayfinding in the UK, and then went on a nature walk to look for wayfinding signs (unfortunately our home ed budget doesn't run to Polynesian wayfinding trips):
Clues from lichen, grass, and trees
Finally we finished the week by creating our own ocean in a bottle:

Next week's project: Royal Mail

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