Monday 29 April 2019

Project 82: Football!

Solomon had suggested 'football' as a project as we were scooting past the park one day, and we saved it for this week to include a bit of family rivalry: Peterborough United (the local team) were at home to Sunderland AFC (their mum's team).
Peterborough v. Sunderland

Although we'll have the occasional kick-about, and might watch a match on the TV, it's not particularly a big part of our family culture, so it made a nice change to go to a match: Solomon enjoyed it, and avidly watched the game; Monica watched the crowd, and then read a book for the second half. It was a good game with a noisy atmosphere thanks to the large number of raucous travelling supporters - one ran on the pitch and another set off a flare, which provided a nice introduction to a couple of videos on crowd psychology later in the week.

We also bought FIFA 19 for the Switch, and for a couple of days it even managed to overtake Fortnite as the most popular game in the house, as Solomon explored the various clubs and player skills.

The children used templates from Twinkl to design their own football kits:
Football Kits - as sponsored by Domino's and LNER!
And explored one of the more famous footballing pictures, L.S. Lowry's Going to the Match. Firstly using a Twinkl template to describe what they saw 'Inside the painting', and then drawing some of their own matchstick men:
Matchstick Men

Next week's project: Music

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