Sunday 14 April 2019

Project 80: Plants and Flowers

This week's project was initiated by a home ed group on plants and pollination at Ferry Meadows, the local country park.  Luckily, unlike the last one on maps, this one wasn't cancelled.

At the Ferry Meadows group they learned about the parts of a flower, and had to label them on their own diagram. They then re-enacted the pollination process of bees and flowers outside by transferring water between buckets and putting stickers on each other. Finally they went on a nature walk around the park, identifying plants and flowers and using some to make a flower pressing.
Ferry Meadows Workshop with Solomon 'the Flower'
We planted some seeds of our own in the garden (carrots and parsnips), and put beans in jars with cotton wool to see how they grow, making notes in their 'bean diaries'.
Bean Plants and Diary
Finally they made their own symmetry prints of flowers.
Symmetry flowers
Next week's project: Easter II!  (see also Project 29: Easter and Spring)

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