Monday 17 June 2019

Project 89: The Romans

This week's project selection was based on another home education workshop at Ferry Meadows: the Romans.

Unfortunately in the great tradition of Ferry Meadows home education workshops something often seems to go wrong (see Project 51: Pond Life! and Project 76: More Maps), and this time it poured and poured with rain. So three very wet and miserable children were dragged around a Roman orienteering trail around the park, complaining the whole way.

Roman Orienteering
As always the project was also filled with the usual selection of books, stickers, worksheets, and videos, and unsurprisingly Solomon was taken with the gladiators.
Book and stickers
Twinkl Worksheets
Finally the weekend was the Peterborough Heritage Festival, (see also Project 39: Saxons) which gave us another opportunity for learning about the Romans. 
Romans at the Peterborough Heritage Festival
The children enjoyed the project, but with a wash-out at the start of the week, it was one we felt we hardly scratched the surface of. It will have to be revisited in the future. 

Next project: Classical Music

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