Monday 8 July 2019

Project 92: Stig of the Dump

We chose a book as the focus for this week's project, as in a hectic week of activities and meetups a book provides something concrete to work our way through. Stig of the Dump was picked as it's not only a classic, but it's suitable for reading with small children in a week. 

There is a reason Stig of the Dump is a classic, everyone loved it and couldn't wait for the next chapter. 

We headed for the woods and built our own den (albeit without a paint pot chimney and window made of glass bottles):
Unfortunately Monica is one of those children who always seems to end up getting bitten by insects in the woods, so we ended up building the den in a bit of a clearing (although only after she'd been bitten!).

Once the book was finished we watched the 2002 series, which was enjoyable, although not as good as the book.

Finally the children had to write their own book reviews. 
Stig of the Dump review by Solomon (left) and Monica (right)
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