Sunday 14 July 2019

Project 93: VR and AR

We decided to do Virtual Reality as a project after they released the Nintendo Labo VR kit, and broadened the project out to include Augmented Reality so that comparisons could be made between the different ways of engaging with digital information.

We bought the Labo VR starter kit, which consisted of two builds: the VR Goggles and the Blaster, which once built can be used with both inbuilt mini-games and some main titles (e.g., Mario Odyssey and Splatoon). We've previously used the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit builds for:

In comparison, the goggles are quick and easy to build, but the blaster is quite complicated. As with all these builds - they're suitable for a 6 year old with good concentration, but can be hard work with anyone younger. 

The Nintendo Labo VR Kit
Like most children, ours are big fans of Harry Potter, so the new Wizards Unite app was a good way to get them out of the house and introduce them to AR. They loved the app, and luckily we live in an area with plenty of 'inns' for replenishing energy, so the children are more than happy to go out for an hour or two of collecting various Harry Potter digital tat.
Solomon running down his father's battery
As well as the Harry Potter app, we also explored AR as a tool for enhancing the real world with more useful information by doing the Peterborough Cathedral tour using the Gamar App. Unsurprisingly, for children who love both museum trails and screens, they loved the digital trail!
Peterborough Cathedral App
 Finally, we finished our VR/AR week by watching the 1980s classic Tron:

The graphics may have improved, but the warnings are as relevant as ever!

Next week's project: Sir Francis Drake.

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