Tuesday 4 February 2020

Project 120: Birds, birds, birds.

As it is our third year of home education, we've found projects start to emerge as annual events. This not only includes religious festivals (e.g., Christmas and Easter), but also competitions (e.g. 500 Words) and coordinated citizen science. This was our third year taking part in the Big Garden Birdwatch (see also Project 20: Local Wildlife and BirdsProject 68: Birds of the World).

The week started with our hour bird-watch, and as with previous years, we saw very little. Just one robin this time.

Waiting for the birds
We had a more successful bird watch walking around the local nature reserve, and Solomon was pleased to identify a bullfinch with the help of the bird book.

Spot the Bull(finch)!
We also went to two bird-centred events (one at a home ed group and one at The Green Backyard), so ended up making three different bird feeders this week!
Bird feeders
Other activities included a birdwatch Top Trumps style game, some differentiated reading, and some bird snappers:
Bird snappers
We also got the children to copy some pictures of birds.
Solomon (top) and Monica's (bottom) birds
We also watched the classic feel-good bird-centred movie Fly Away Home, which everyone enjoyed.

Next project: Illustration

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