Sunday 16 February 2020

Project 122: Quiz

This week's project was prompted by a family quiz night at the local church - unfortunately the quiz night was cancelled, but the children wanted to go ahead with quizzes as the week's project anyway.

The week started with a lecture on the history and variety of quizzes, and was followed with watching TV quiz shows and playing general knowledge board games.

 As well as watching clips of University Challenge, Mastermind, and the Weakest Link, they enjoyed episodes of Bullseye, Blockbusters, Pointless, Eggheads, and the time their aunt appeared in the 1980's classic Worldwise:

We also played plenty of quizzes, including Bookchase, Pointless, Bullseye, and two versions of Trivial Pursuit:
A Pointless Bookchase
Bullseye and Trivial Pursuit
The Bullseye questions were a bit tricky for the kids, so we used questions from an old Puffin Quiz Book. Trivial Pursuit was a big hit, although Solomon preferred the 1990s kids version to the more recent family version, as he thought it was now too easy to get wedges.

The children also had to create their own quizzes for each other. Solomon had to give Monica questions on a story from Shakespeare, while Monica had to give Solomon questions on a Dickens story. The quizzes were based on the highly recommended Usborne Complete Shakespeare and Usborne Complete Dickens, and it turned out to be a really good way to get them to engage with the texts.

Solomon's Hamlet Quiz:

  1. Who is the main person?
  2. Who was the main baddy?
  3. Who drowned?
  4. What does rumour say about what killed Hamlet's father?
  5. What the dead jester's name?
  6. Was Hamlet attacked by pirates?
  7. Who is Hamlet's fellow student?
  8. What is the queen called?
  9. What did King Claudius do to make the duel unfair?
  10. Who is Ophelia's father?
Monica's Old Curiosity Shop Quiz:
  1. Who is Nell's friend?
  2. What the names of the two Punch and Judy men?
  3. What has Grandfather taken to?
  4. Who is Fred?
  5. What does Nell and her Grandfather shop sell?
  6. What does Quilp exult to do as well as make people fearful?
  7. Who lives in a caravan?
  8. What had Nell brought with her when she left the city?
  9. What did Nell sell?
  10. Who is Sampson's new clerk?
Solomon managed to get 8.5 out of 10 on Monica's quiz!

They loved making quizzes, and made others during the week on their own initiative. We will endeavour to include quiz-making as part of the learning process in future projects.

Next week's project: The Face.

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