Tuesday 7 April 2020

Project 129: Life in the Oceans

This week's project was inspired by both Project 127: Biomes and this week's #LiveLent reflection. We had previously done a project on the oceans back in Solomon's first year of home education, so it seemed a good time to revisit the topic again (see Project 27: Under the Sea).

The children followed the BBC Live Lesson and worksheets on the Blue Planet,plastic pollution, and sustainable fishing, and watched some episodes of Blue Planet on Netflix. They also watched Finding Dory and made use of the Finding Dory educators guides on the Walt Disney nature site.

The children were also expected to make use of resources in the house to create their own fact sheets about an underwater creature of their choice. Solomon picked the whitetip reef shark and Monica the (freshwater) tucuxi dolphin.
Some of the worksheets and fact sheets
Finally they made their own jelly fish pictures using toilet tissue and wool.
Toilet tissue jelly fish

Next project: Easter III

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