Tuesday 31 March 2020

Project 128: Charlotte's Web

After overdosing on films for Project 127: Biomes, we wanted something a bit more sedate this week, and decided to read Charlotte's Web: the classic tale of a pig who is saved by a spider.

Both the children loved the story, and it was the ideal level for a week's project. We had been a bit wary about the topic (Wilbur's potential death and Charlotte's actual death) but the book (and the film which stuck faithfully to the book) dealt with it sensitively.

As well as reading the book, and watching the film, the children created their own spiders on a web:
Charlotte's Web and our Spider Web Plates
Following the suggestion in the book, they also drew their own 'word webs', with tricky words that they needed to learn. Charlotte's Web reminded me a bit of Lemony Snicket in the way tricky words are introduced and then explained.
Word Webs
We finished the project with the quiz from the back of the book - although it could have done with a few more questions!

Next week's project: Life in the Oceans

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