Wednesday 15 July 2020

Project 143: Basketball

This week's project was mainly picked because the basketball game NBA 2K20 was free this month on the PS4, and we haven't looked closely at a sport since Project 82: Football.

We started the week by watching videos on the rules of basketball, the last match by the local team, and some of the best recent plays. We also got a good book on basketball, which emphasised the role of numbers in the game and included some suggested activities; this is the second National Geographic Kids book we've bought (see Project 139: A History of Music) and we'll make use of them again.

A good Basketball book
Much of the project work this week (when the weather allowed) was throwing the basketball around, including a trip to the local hoops, and seeing how far the children could through the ball.
NBA and WNBA stars of the future
The children both enjoyed basketball, both in real life and on the computer, although as is typical, Solomon enjoyed the computer game more than Monica. After watching Space Jam early in the week, Solomon insisted on playing with the Chicago Bulls.

Next project: Pushing on with Programming

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