Wednesday 16 December 2020

Project 162: The Trumpet of the Swan

All the children have enjoyed E.B. White's novels (see Project 153: Stuart Little and Project 128: Charlotte's Web), so we wanted to read The Trumpet of the Swan before the big two got too big. 

The Trumpet of the Swan is the story of Louis a trumpeter swan who can't trumpet, and whose father steals him a trumpet which he learns to play, and how Louis earns money so his father can pay back the shop he stole the trumpet from. 

Alongside reading the book, which took up most of the week, the children also drew their own swans, completed the quiz in the back of the book, and watched the film. 

It was also a good opportunity to introduce them to the music of Louis Armstrong and (as the film names Louis's sisters Ella and Billie) Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. 

Next week: Rocks and Minerals

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