Saturday 16 January 2021

Project 165: A Time Capsule

A couple of stairs in the house needed to be fixed, and this required the removal of some plasterboard to access the underneath of the stairs. Before plastering it up again we decided to make the best of a bad situation, and make a time capsule as this week's project, leaving it to be found by someone in the future. After all, if any year deserves a time capsule it is 2020. 

They selected items to reflect their lives and the year, and each wrote accompanying letters on some archival quality paper. 

The children also learned about the Voyager space probes and the sorts of information that was shared on those time-and space capsules about human civilization. Finally we watched Star Trek: The Motion Picture about the finding of the space probes - we expect our capsule to be equally impactful!

Next Project: Animal Farm

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