Thursday 21 January 2021

Project 167: Shapes

As another lockdown started the BBC announced a raft of new 'Lockdown Lessons', so we thought we'd follow along with the first programmes of the week and do a project on shapes as they were covered.

Of the three Reithian values of public service broadcasting (educate, inform, and entertain), the BBC lockdown lessons focus more on 'entertain' than 'educate', so while it was interesting to see what the fuss was about, we won't be watching them again!

Over the week we explored shapes through a shape hunt, Geomags, and the 'Dive into Shapes' geometry kit we bought for Project 111: Geometry. We also did the pentomino puzzle suggested by the 'This is not a maths book' book, and followed the instructions for drawing 3D pictures with perspective.  

We got out some shape-based puzzles, and played lots of Blokus (a family favourite!):

We also introduced the children to the Sphero Bolt robot, drawing a robot made up of different shapes and then getting the Sphero to draw it out on the floor.

Next project: Robots

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