Sunday 27 June 2021

Project 188: Cubism

As we hadn't had an art project for about four months (see Project 170: Vincent Van Gogh), it seemed a good time for another one. Cubism was chosen as there was so much that could be done with it, although the hot weather meant that much of the week was spent in the paddling pool. 

The week started with the usual reading around the subject.

This was followed by a number of cubist artworks (including one with the help of a Twinkl colouring sheet): 

The trickiest part of teaching cubism to children of this age (5, 7, & 8), is that they are very much realists when it comes to artwork; a train should look like a train, not a jumble of shapes. There's plenty more cubists for them to explore in the future, however, so we'll revisit the subject when they are a little bit older. 

Next project: Farms

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