Sunday 27 June 2021

Project 189: Farms

 As the nice weather continued (and schoolkids had returned to school!) we decided on a project that would get us out and about more: Farms. 

We started by learning about the different sorts of farms, and the sorts of activities that go on at a farm, such as shearing sheep and milking cows. The highlights of the week, however, were the trips to two different farms. 

First they went to a local pick your own farm, Hill Farm, and brought home plenty of fresh strawberries after exhausting themselves in the onsite play area.

The second farm they went to was an agricultural heritage farm, Sacrewell Farm, where they got to see some farm animals and a water mill. The highlight for Solomon, however, was undoubtedly getting to fire an air rifle. 

Not all parts of the farm were open at the time, due to lingering covid restrictions, but we'll definitely be returning in the future. 

Next project: Turing Tumble and programming

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