Wednesday 8 February 2023

Project 253: Newton

This project ran from Monday October 3rd to October 9th 2022.

We first introduced the children to Isaac Newton during the project on light and space (see Project 155: Light and Space), and had always planned to return to the topic as his childhood home is nearby. 

The trip to Woolsthorpe Manor was the main activity of the week, exploring the house, the grounds and the infamous apple tree. 

As well as having a guided tour of the manor, there was also a science discovery centre with sections on light and colour, time and motion. 

We also bought and played the board game Newton, based on the age of the scientific revolution: doing work, traveling around Europe, and making scientific discoveries. It feels complex to start with, but you soon get the hang of it. 

We also did lots of reading, and a differentiated reading activity

Next project: Fungi. 

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