Sunday 12 February 2023

Project 254: Fungi 2

This project ran from Monday 10th October to Sunday 16th October, 2023.

This was our second fungi project (see Project 156: Mushrooms and Fungi), but as everyone had enjoyed the previous project and there was a home education workshop on fungi at the local country park, we decided to visit the topic again. 

At the workshop we went on a mushroom hunt, did an experiment with yeast and syrup to see the gases that were given off, and learnt how a toadstool gets its spots with the help of a balloon and tissue paper:

We also did a second mushroom hunt later in the week:

We also we made a spore print at home:

And did an experiment to see how quickly preserved and unpreserved foods decay:

For the second week in a row we'd also found a highly appropriate game to accompany the project, although the only problem with Fungi is it's a two player game:

Next project: The U.S.A.

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