Monday 20 November 2017

Project 10: Puppets and Theatre

As Norwich Puppet Theatre had a home education workshop this week, we decided to take Solomon along, and look at puppets and the theatre more widely - although in the end there was so much on puppets there wasn't really time to consider wider ideas about theatre.

Solomon really enjoyed the Curious Characters workshop at the Puppet Theatre, and created his own puppet: 'Honk Honk'. The workshop lasted two hours, and parents could either go-and-come-back or wait in the foyer area. As it was Solomon's first event without parental supervision we decided to wait, enjoy the reasonably priced coffee and snacks, and admire the puppets on display.
Puppets to admire at the Puppet Theatre
'Honk Honk'
At home we explored the different sorts of puppets that people use, and some of the different sorts of puppets we had in our house.
Some of the puppets in our house
Solomon really enjoyed watching Punch & Judy, and the great thing these days is there are so many versions of the show available online. 

Punch & Judy Online also has a host of resources and worksheets available, and Solomon used a worksheet to create his own Punch & Judy characters. 
Punch and Judy stick puppets
We also managed to create a Mr Punch shadow puppet, and learned that shadow puppets are far more difficult (& painful) than they look!
Mr Punch shadow puppet
Next week's project: All about Lego!

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