Sunday 24 December 2017

Project 15: All about Christmas!

Unsurprisingly there is plenty to do on Christmas at Christmastime.

We started the week teaching Solomon about the nativity, why we celebrate Christmas, Christmas traditions, and how the story of Father Christmas has evolved from older traditions including that of Saint Nicholas.  There's a surprising lack of children's books on Saint Nicholas, although we eventually found Saint Nicholas: The Real Story of the Christmas Legend, which provides a more historical less elf/reindeer/north-pole story of Santa Claus. 
The first of the week's trips out was to Santa's Grotto in the local shopping centre. Luckily we went the day before the local schools broke up, so we didn't have to suffer the long queues other parents told us about on their grotto visits. 
Santa's Grotto
We also went to see the great British tradition of pantomime, watching Aladdin at the local theatre, and went to Christingle at the local cathedral (Solomon is very enthusiastic when it comes to carol singing!). 

As food and feasting also plays a big part of Christmas traditions the children also made and decorated some Christmas biscuits. 
Christmas biscuits

Next week's project (a small one to squeeze in between Christmas and New Year): Optical illusions

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